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EquipSoft Results in 650% Revenue Growth in 2 Years at Bowman Sales & Equipment

Posted on: Jan 23, 2013

Allentown, PA – EquipSoft software and services have had a huge positive financial impact on Bowman Sales & Equipment (doing business as Bowman Trailer Leasing), which leases, rents, sells and services over-the-road trailers, storage trailers and decommissioned sea containers in 14 states. Bowman has soared from 7 to 31 branches, 6,000 to 30,000+ rental units, and massive gains on the books. “There is no way we could have achieved 650% growth in revenue in two years and maintained control without EquipSoft,” says CFO Stephen Walker.

The EquipSoft system has met all Bowman’s requirements, says Walker, including a reliable technology platform (Microsoft Dynamics), complete fleet rental and service management, an integrated financial system, the ability to support customer service requirements, and easy, fast reporting and analysis. “EquipSoft is the central nervous system of our business,” he notes.

The EquipSoft system went live in five months, with 70 users – the tight timeframe due to a major acquisition that doubled the size of Bowman. “EquipSoft and our team got it all done – from developing functional design specifications, system design and configuration, data conversion, staff training, pilot testing, and implementation,” says Walker.

“We are leveraging EquipSoft technology to grow,” he notes. “The only other choice is to add a lot of staff and put bureaucracy in place; instead now we just add trailers.”

David Pilz, CEO of IndustryBuilt Software, parent company of EquipSoft, says “Technology always makes a big difference in the effectiveness of equipment distributors to outstrip their competition – but the Bowman Sales and Equipment example really drives home how much cost savings and improved workforce and process efficiencies can result from the use of EquipSoft! We are thrilled to work alongside Bowman in their continuing, extraordinary success.”   

About EquipSoft
EquipSoft delivers software and services for the equipment distribution industry to help improve efficiencies in rentals, service, sales, parts, and fleet management aspects of distribution to improve relationships with customers and vendors. EquipSoft software and services are powered by the fastest growing ERP platform in the world, Microsoft Dynamics, and feature industry-specific functionality. EquipSoft is an IndustryBuilt Software company. For more information, visit equipsoft.com and on Twitter @Equip_Soft.

About Bowman Sales and Equipment
Founded in 1972, Bowman Sales and Equipment (dba as Bowman Trailer Leasing) is a regional provider of road trailers, storage trailers, and sea containers. Headquartered in Hagerstown, MD the company has branches in Richmond, VA, Baltimore, MD, Charlotte, NC, Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, Altoona, PA and Allentown, PA. They serve the needs of the transportation industry with 48' and 53' over-the-road trailers, as well as on-site storage with sea containers and storage trailers that are used in construction, manufacturing, and retail. For more information, visit bowmanleasing.com

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