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When a customer goes live with EquipSoft, after 30 days and the close of a company’s first month end, we introduce them to EquipSoft (ES) Customer Care.

ES Customer Care is a team dedicated to the ongoing support of customer’s questions and issues.  We use an automated case management system to track issues.  Closed and Active issues can be viewed from a secure portal for updates.

Software releases and upgrades

When you invest with EquipSoft, you invest in our product roadmap. As a strategic partner with Microsoft Dynamics, we receive early access to all Microsoft products and we are testing before you even hear about the release. All software upgrades are provided through our maintenance program. Customers receive continual product upgrades and enhancements as part of this investment, and they are guaranteed that they are on the most recent version.

Customer input in product development

Customer input on enhancements and development priorities is collected, tracked and acted upon in the formulation of our future product and service directions through our Customer Advisory Council. Our research and development program is supported by an in-house team of dedicated developers and business analysts with vast experience in the equipment distribution industry.

Contact our Customer Care Team

To submit a support incident to the Customer Care Team, you can either:

Call: 1-877-544-2704

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